Dixie Delivers Gas Fireplaces And Other Propane Products To Depend On.

Since 1946, our commitment to quality service and products has encouraged us to discern which innovations make sense and which ones might just be a fad. Over the years we have tried out industry leading propane products to find the ideal selection to offer our customers. We consider reliability, versatility, functionality, and affordability as necessary factors in delivering the best value. Let us know what your project needs and we’re happy to give expert guidance as you make your decisions. We invite you to visit one of our showrooms to turn on our fireplaces, stoves, and other products, ask questions, and experience the quality propane products we sell.

Consumer Rebates Add Incentive To Buying Propane Products.

One of the cleanest-burning fuels, propane products merit consumer rebates. Federal, state and local governments, as well as consumer research councils, offer varying incentives for propane product users. Our expert staff helps you find the right rebates for your purchase and can help you with how to secure your incentives. Propane fireplaces and products are competitively priced and incentives make the deal even sweeter.

Most Of Our Prices Include Professional Installation To Activate Product Warranties.

Your propane products carry manufacturer warranties that require certified installation for activation. Our certified installation technicians are highly trained in the proper handling of propane gas lines and propane products to ensure your safety. We include our professional installation in proposals to guarantee safe and efficient operation. Dixie is a Class B Contractor and handles all aspects of the installation process, including additional aesthetic elements to complement or integrate your product into your home. Let your fireplace or propane product fit right into your look. Get peace of mind with Dixie propane product installation.

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