Dixie Delivers Propane: Clean, Efficient, And Versatile Fuel.

As one of the cleanest burning fuels, it’s no surprise that propane is a commonly used gas for household and commercial uses. What may surprise you is that propane is non-toxic, so it doesn’t harm soil or water. All commercial and residential-use propane is scented for safety and easy detection, and it may be stored indefinitely. Dixie is a full service gas and oil company with a Class B contractor license. We install propane in new builds and remodels, perform propane conversions, and provide fuel supply service on a variety of plans.

Your Local Propane Gas And Oil Company Saves You Time.

Since 1946, we’ve proudly served our community’s gas and oil needs. Our dedicated staff is ready to assist you in our process, designed to efficiently and safely provide you with customer service like it used to be. We save you time as we meet your propane needs with excellent customer care, reliable delivery, and efficient technology. From industry-leading products to training first responders and providing careers in the community, our mission is to add value to our community and meet people’s gas and oil needs. We’re comfortable only when you’re comfortable.

Customer Rebates, Energy Credits, And Reward Programs Make Dixie Propane A Competitive Choice.

Dixie takes pride in offering competitive and fair pricing for gas and oil in our local communities. As fuel experts, we advise you on propane rebates and energy credits to make sure we maximize value for our customers. When you refer a friend to Dixie, our Refer-A-Friend reward program delivers incentives to take to the bank. We apply a $50 credit to your account for each friend referred once they receive their first delivery. Our care for our customers and our community is the backbone of our continued presence in the region. Dixie delivers.

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