Dixie Delivers Reliable, Friendly Heating Oil And Kerosene Service.

Ready for more heating oil or kerosene? Order using the form below 24/7, or call or visit a Dixie Gas & Oil location during business hours. Though you may order at any time, please note that all orders are processed during regular business hours. As a current Dixie customer, you have delivery service priority. Our 5-Day Delivery Guarantee backs our commitment to timely deliveries. We’re comfortable only when you’re comfortable.

New Customers, Proceed Directly to New Account.

Verona: 540-248-6273
Lexington: 540-463-4623
Covington: 540-962-6336
Elkton: 540-298-1256
Toll Free: 800-403-4943

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For After Hours, Emergency Delivery Service, Dixie’s Ready To Serve.

If you need fuel immediately, Dixie delivers emergency after-hour delivery service. For Automatic Delivery customers, there is no charge for after-hour delivery. An additional fee applies for Will-Call customers. Call 888-895-9939 to request emergency delivery service.

Delivery Terms

  • We are dedicated to filling fuel orders as quickly as possible, backed with our 5-day Delivery Guarantee.
  • We cannot guarantee a specific date or time for deliveries.
  • Any applicable charges or fees will be added to your account upon delivery.
  • Dixie requires minimum delivery volumes. Contact us for more information.
  • Any order is subject to credit approval and payment may be required in advance.
  • Customers are responsible for providing clear access for fuel delivery.

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