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Why do I have to provide my last payment amount and zip code?

If you are registering with an email address that is new to your Dixie account, an extra layer of security is enabled for your protection.

What if I do not know my last payment amount?

Call or email customer service at 540-248-6273 or contactdixie@dixiegas.com.

The last time I paid, I made 2 separate payments on the same day, which payment do I use?

Both.  Add the two payments together and enter the sum as your last payment amount.

I’m a new customer and I have not made a payment on my account yet, what do I put in for my last payment amount?

Enter 0 for your last payment amount.

I put in my zip code and I get an error saying the zip code does not match.

The zip code you register with is your mailing address zip code.  If you have a mailing address different than your physical service address and you are still getting a zip code error, Dixie may need to update your records.  Call or email customer service at 540-248-6273 or contactdixie@dixiegas.com.

I am told I will get a confirmation email, but I never received it.

Check your spam and junk folders and change your email settings to trust dixiegas@myfuelportal.com.

If after trying these options and you still do not see the email, call or email customer service at 540-248-6273 or contactdixie@dixiegas.com.

I have multiple accounts with Dixie, can I view them using the same login?

Yes.  Associating additional Dixie accounts to your login is done by office staff to ensure your privacy.  Call or email customer service at 540-248-6273 or contactdixie@dixiegas.com.   

I have registered my Dixie business account with my email, but I need my accounts payable department to be able to login as well. Is that possible?

Yes.  More than one MyFuelPortal user can access the same Dixie account(s).  The additional user(s) register, using a different email address.

I locked myself out of my account, now what do I do?

Wait 30-45 minutes and try again.  If you are still unable to login, call or email customer service at 540-248-6273 or contactdixie@dixiegas.com.


When I go to make a one-time payment, the green ‘make payment’ button is grayed out and the cursor turns to a red circle.

In order to make a payment, you must first set up a payment method.  You can do this by clicking the orange “add/edit payment method” button in the next box down or go to the menu bar and pick payment methods from the payments drop down.  Once your payment method is set up a selection drop down will appear where you can select which method you would like to use.

I added my payment method, but I still can’t make a payment.

Wait about 30 seconds and refresh your browser, a drop down will appear with your newly added payment method.  

I am trying to add my payment method, but when I click the link, nothing happens.

There is a known issue with Authorize.net and Apple devices, a bug within Apple iOS.  Our software provider is working closely with Authorize.net and Apple to get this fixed.  In the meantime, at your convenience, call your local Dixie office or 1-800-403-4943 and a customer service representative will be happy to enter your payment method for you.  A simple refresh of your browser window and the payment method will be available.

Is the current amount due the only option I have to pay?

No. Click the orange box that says, “more options/Information”.  Other payment choices are available.

I do not have a balance due on my account, but I want to make a payment anyway. How do I do that and what will I see as my balance?

You are able to make a payment on your account at any time.  Click the orange “more options/information button” and use the “pay specific amount option and enter the amount you would like to pay.  Once the payment is posted, you will see a credit on your account, symbolized in green with a minus sign in front of the number.

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