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We stock national brands including Citgo, Mystik and Clarion lines in mineral base, semi synthetic, and full synthetic blends.

citgo lubricants

CITGO commercial on- and off-highway lubricants feature a complete line of heavy duty products including engine oils, transmission and hydraulic fluids, greases, gear oils and industrial lubricants all designed to help extend the life of your equipment and reduce service interval downtime. CITGO supplies lubricants through three company-owned blending facilities and five contract blending and packaging plants across the United States, offering more than 2,200 individual formulations.

In addition to the exhaustive line of quality products, CITGO offers extremely valuable support services to lubricant customers including expert engineering and technical support, the LubeAlert Oil Analysis Program and the Guaranteed Efficiency Program. CITGO promises to increase you operations efficiency and backs it with a 100% warranty.

For complete product availability and specifications, visit the manufacturer website at citgolubes.com.

Mystik Lubricants develops products in real-world conditions that are specially formulated to meet the unique demands of specialized machines. Producing millions of gallons of finished lubricants and greases annually, Mystik supplies product to automotive, heavy-duty, commercial, industrial, powersports and agricultural customers through blending and packaging facilities across the United States.

Mystic customers are fiercely loyal to the brand. Built on a legacy of premium products since 1922, superior technical knowledge and personalized service, the Mystik product line continues to expand on a reputation of trust and confidence that can only be earned through proven performance and commitment.

For complete product availability and specifications, visit the manufacturer website at mystiklubes.com

For more than 40 years, Clarion Lubricants has delivered one of the industry’s broadest line of safe, protective lubricants, including food grade, environmental and synthetic grade formulations that contribute to a more sustainable future.

Clarion Lubricants is taking the lead with a complete line of lubricants designed to maximize the safety and sustainability of your business. Through its history of marketing white oils and food grade and environmental lubricants, Clarion has learned how to optimize lubricant chemistry to help reduce the risks associated with product contamination and unintended environmental release while protecting your equipment.

For complete product availability and specifications, visit the manufacturer website at clarionlubricants.com

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