Dixie Delivers Kerosene For Reliable Heat.

Kerosene remains a popular heating fuel choice in Central and Western Virginia. Dixie proudly meets your kerosene needs with consistent delivery service and payment options to give you greater flexibility over your heating costs. Kerosene has many traditional uses including both consistent and once-in-a-while applications. We support your usage with Automatic Delivery service for a consistent supply and Will-Call for on-demand kerosene refills. Your payment options are linked to the type of service you require.

We Offer Professional Propane Conversion When You Want To Safely Change Your Kerosene System.

We have been serving propane conversion needs for decades. As your local conversion experts, we take you through our streamlined, safe process to convert your system from kerosene to propane gas. Our industry-trained sales representatives walk you through their thorough evaluation to offer you a detailed free estimate of the scope of work required.

We’ve Curated A Selection Of Industry Leading Propane Products To Make Your Conversion Worthwhile.

Since 1946, we’ve been committed to customer satisfaction through excellent customer care. In our experience, we’ve come across many propane equipment, some which work well and some not so well. We’ve put together a selection of products that align with our mission to provide reliable, consistent, long-term service you can count on. Visit one of our showrooms today for a look at these products, including:

As A Class B Contractor, Dixie Has You Covered.

Your propane conversion includes pump out removal of any left over kerosene and professional installation of the propane system. As a Class B contractor, Dixie maintains the knowledge and equipment to not only convert your system but to do it properly and completely. No need to call in a remodel contractor to manage the propane product installations, Dixie has got your covered.

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