Tankless Heating Boilers Offer Clean, Super-Efficient (95%+), Space Saving, Quiet Heat With Intelligent Control.

Designed for hot-water home heating systems, tankless heating boilers are ideal in new construction for radiant floor heating systems and in remodels converting oil burning heating boilers. A new technology, tankless heating systems are growing in popularity due to their efficiency, comfort and silence. Over the life of the unit, operation costs are low. Across applications, tankless boilers harness the efficiency of heating water as needed rather than in large tanks that require more energy to maintain.

Tankless Heating Boilers

Dixie’s Local Expertise Means An Ideal Design Of Your Tankless Heating Boiler System.

Dixie has the expertise to answer questions and to size, configure and install these units. As with our tankless water heaters, Dixie manages all the gas parts and a standard water plumber provides the water connections. Looking intelligently at your application, we can advise the optimal size, location, and installation to maximize the boiler’s efficiency.

Modern Boilers Boast Near Immediate Heat Transfer Room To Room.

The system water capacity is only about 1/3 of a traditional boiler, allowing for the water temperature to rise quickly. Heat then transfers to rooms for even, consistent heat. While a traditional boiler needs to fire for 5 to 10 minutes before heat is noticeable in a room, tankless units heat only about 2 gallons in addition to what’s in the pipes. For an average sized home this totals around 12 to 18 gallons. The energy efficiency is built in and the cost savings in evident in your energy bill.

Professional Installation Gets Your Tankless Heating Boiler Up And Running Properly.

In both remodels and new builds, Dixie’s professional installation of a tankless heating boiler ensures their efficient and effective use. Our factory-trained technicians support warranty activation with proper installation. For excellence in long-term use, we provide follow-up repair and maintenance. We’re happy only when you’re happy.

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