Dixie Delivers Heating Oils For A Cozier Winter.

Modern heating oil furnaces provide long-lasting comfort with higher efficiency than ever before and industry-leading product lifespans. Oil heat is an economical and efficient way to heat your home. Dixie provides heating oil and kerosene delivery service to keep you comfortable.

Heating Oils

Enjoy Increased Efficacy With Dixie’s High-Performance Heating Oil.

We are committed to providing high quality heating oils that perform well in all weather. Our heating oil is treated with a high-performance additive that prevents it from gelling in cold temperatures. Stay comfortable in the coldest weather Virginia has to offer with heating fuel that won’t fail.

Delivery Options Give You Flexibility.

Dixie offers delivery options to suit your usage patterns. Out Automatic Delivery means less to worry about for you. We take care of monitoring your fuel usage to determine the right delivery schedule. When you sign up for the Automatic Delivery, we assume responsibility for an adequate fuel supply. We also offer Will-Call for your on-demand heating oils needs. With Will-Call, you assume responsibility for monitoring and ordering your fuel.

Payment Plans Eliminate Guesswork And Put You In Control Of Your Heating Bill.

Complement your Automatic Delivery with the right billing plan for you. Our payment options give you flexibility to determine how to manage your heating costs throughout the year. Our experienced staff is available to help if you’d like to talk through your choices. contact us online, by phone or visit us during business hours. We’re comfortable only when you’re comfortable.

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