Dixie Delivers Heating Oil Delivery Options To Give You Peace Of Mind.

Find the delivery option that meets your usage needs. To best serve our customers’ diverse heating oils needs, we offer delivery options. For most customers, we recommend worry-free Automatic Delivery service. Our Automatic Delivery option means we assume responsibility for keeping your tank supplied, made increasingly more efficient through innovations such as remote tank monitoring. For on-demand delivery of heating oils, we offer the Will-Call option. With Will-Call, you are responsible for monitoring and ordering your fuel supply.

propane truck with tank

Automatic Delivery Service Means Consistent, No-Worry Comfort.

Never run out of heating oil or kerosene with Automatic Delivery service.

  • Priority Scheduling. As an Automatic Delivery Customer, you receive priority scheduling for your heating oil or kerosene delivery.

Will-Call For On-Demand Heating Oil or Kerosene.

Order heating oil or kerosene as needed with Will-Call.

  • Make Requests 24/7. Contact our customer service center online 24/7 with a New Account request (for new customers) or Order Heating Oils Online (for existing customers). Orders prepaid with cash or credit card require only minimal account information, easily completed over the phone. You can also call or visit a service center during business hours. All requests are processed within 48 business hours of receipt, and delivery is guaranteed within 5 days of request processing.

Heating Oil Delivery Terms:

  • While we are dedicated to filling fuel orders as quickly as possible, Dixie cannot guarantee a specific date or time for deliveries. We offer a Delivery Guarantee of 5 business days from order processing.
  • Any applicable charges or fees will be added to your account upon delivery.
  • Any order is subject to credit approval and certain terms and conditions may apply.
  • Customers are responsible for providing clear access for fuel delivery.

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