Add warmth easily and economically with a propane heater from Dixie. Ideal for utility rooms, garages, out buildings and hunting cabins, these vent free heaters will heat your space quickly, safely and efficiently at less than half the cost of electricity.

Because they don’t require outside venting, utility heaters can be installed almost anywhere. They are 99.9% fuel efficient to warm your space without taxing your wallet. Choose from Blue Flame or Radiant types, both of which are available in several sizes. Blue Flame heaters work by heating the air, surrounding people and objects with “atmospheric” warmth. Radiant heaters produce infrared “radiant” heat that adds warmth directly to people and objects, like the sun shining through a widow.

For primary or supplemental heat in larger spaces, a direct vent console room heater is a great solution. Multiple venting options make these console heaters the ideal replacement for existing kerosene, oil or wood burning stoves, with minimal installation work. And at 50,000 BTU, these units safely and efficiently provide warmth to virtually any space.

All units are thermostatically controlled, easy to operate and whisper-quiet. Also, these heaters remain functional during power outages, since they do not require electricity. No matter what kind of space you need to heat, a propane heater from Dixie will keep you warm!

Dixie Delivers Warmth To Cool Places With Space Heaters.

Gas space heaters come in two types: radiant and blue flame. Radiant (infrared) heaters heat objects in the room, while blue flame heaters heat the air. At Dixie we understand that the use and personal preference both play into which heater best suits your space and purposes. Not sure which would meet your needs? We invite you to visit a Dixie showroom to see and experience a selection of both radiant and blue flame gas heaters. Our experienced staff is available to answer questions, guide your decisions, and demonstrate features.

Budget-Friendly Heating Solutions Found Here: Space Heaters Offer An Economical Source Of Warmth.

When you want to heat a space in an economical and efficient manner, space heaters are an ideal option. Often at price points below similar BTU units in a fireplace or heat stove style, space heaters are affordable and common. We carry a range of space heaters to offer heating solutions across price points.

Modern Space Heaters Provide Safe Supplemental Heat When You Need It.

Great for garages, hunting cabins, and utility rooms, space heaters bring warmth to anywhere you want extra heat just when you need it. Dixie carries a range of economical space heater models and types. Radiant or infrared heaters project warmth into the room like sunlight. Blue Flame heaters warm the air, which rises to create natural circulation in the room. Vented console heaters and wall furnaces offer more options for those seeking visual appeal and maximum efficiency.

Find The Perfect Gas Heater Solution With Options In Sizes, Outputs, And Designs.

Heaters come in many shapes and sizes to keep you toasty warm. We offer heaters with a variety of options to give you just what you need. From radiant and blue-flame to vent-free and vented options, your space and purpose determine the right fit. Our expert staff has been working with customers since 1946, to bring warmth to homes and businesses. We proudly carry industry leading Empire Comfort Systems brand gas heaters.

Visit Our Showroom For A Variety Of Models To Keep You Warm No Matter The Setting.

Dixie carries a wide variety of space heaters to meet your supplemental heat needs. Visit us at one of our showrooms to speak with a space heater expert for the right solution. Feel the difference in radiant and blue flame wall heaters. Vented console heaters make ideal replacements for traditional wood-burning or coal-burning stoves and heaters, with efficiencies as high as 92%. Just like a wood stove, they use room air for combustion. Vent pipes connect the heater to a chimney or flue to carry the by-products of combustion outside.

Lose Power Occasionally? Gas Heaters Keep You Warm Even When The Electricity Is Out.

Perfect for weathering the storm, certain models of gas heaters function without electricity. Never get left in the cold again when you install a gas heater to bridge the hours storms can leave you without power. With quiet burners and easy, safe ignition, gas heaters are more user-friendly than ever before.

Modern Safety Features And Designs Make Space Heaters A Safe Choice.

Over the years safety features and enhanced system designs have significantly increased both safety and efficiency in space heaters. For a cost-effective heating solution, space heaters have never been safer.

Have Peace Of Mind With Professional Installation, Maintenance And Repair.

Dixie provides professional installation from our trained and certified installers. We also offer routine maintenance and repair service to keep your unit functioning at peak performance. We’re only comfortable when you’re comfortable.

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