Dixie Delivers Deliciousness With Holland Gas Grills.

Known for lifetime durability and exceptional value, Holland Grills provide the very best in American grilling. With the only “No Flare Guarantee” in the gas grill business, Holland gas grills make outdoor cooking safe and delicious. Holland Grills provide variable options and settings at consistent temperatures to maximize cooking capabilities. We invite you to visit one of our showrooms to see the grill sizes and features firsthand. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions and give you tips to fully utilize your grill.

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Grill, Steam, Bake, and Smoke With A Holland Gas Grill.

All in one gorgeous gas grill, get ready to impress with the ability to grill, steam, bake, and smoke. Grill up steaks and chicken, steam vegetables and seafood, smoke ribs and poultry, and then bake a pie for good measure. It’s easy to serve perfectly cooked food when you simply close the lid and cook by time. Don’t get stuck minding the grill and miss out on the fun. Your family and friends get to enjoy the party and now so do you!

Breathe Easy With Holland Gas Grill’s No-Flare Guarantee.

Rest assured your best efforts are rewarded when you cook by time rather than adjusting the temperature and dealing with your fire burning too cool, too hot, or going out. Holland’s exclusive patented Holland System boasts an ingenious drip pan to enhance the flavor of food and prevent flare-ups. Delicious food without the worry sets Holland Grills ahead of the rest and means peace of mind for you.

Holland Grills Are Made In America For Trusted Quality And Superior Craftsmanship.

As your local propane gas and oil company, Dixie takes pride in our 70 year history of serving our community with excellent customer service and reliable delivery. Offering American-made Holland Grills continues our commitment to quality.

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