Fire pit

Entertain Friends & Family Around A Propane Firepit.

Does COVID-19 have you thinking creatively about how to gather safely with friends and family? A propane firepit might be just the answer. News reports indicate a vaccine is on the horizon, but realistically, we’re looking at months more of continued social distancing. These absences and distance from our friends and families can affect the mental health and wellbeing of us all. A propane patio firepit might be just the ticket to safe companionship all year long, and here’s why:

  • Spread Out & Connect: Humans have been gathering around fires for more than a million years. Historically, campfires kept people safe, but they also became places to share stories, play music, and connect outside. A propane firepit is easy to start and creates the same ambiance ingrained in our evolutionary history. Spread out the chairs and connect with your community, just like our ancestors did with theirs.
  • No Mess & No Fuss: It cannot get easier than a propane patio firepit. Simply flip the switch and adjust the flame height and intensity to your desired level. There’s no wood to cut, ashes to clean, or sparks to fly. Your patio will look good as new in the morning, and you can plan to do it all over again that night with minimal preparation.
  • Safer For Families: Propane firepits offer significant advantages compared to traditional wood-burning models. Glass windshields, available on some models, keep the flame centered on windy nights and the ease of turning your firepit on and off means you can flip the switch and head-in when you’re ready. There’s no dousing of the fire or waiting for it to burn out before you turn in. Rest easy knowing your family is safer gathering around a propane patio firepit than a wood-burning model.

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