Convert To Propane To Save Money & Protect The Environment.

When you convert to propane, you’re making a smart choice. Propane is a clean fuel, which means its environmental impact is negligible. It’s also economical and easy to procure since propane comes from North America. Here are some common questions we regularly answer about propane:

  • What is propane? Propane is a byproduct of natural gas processing and oil refining.
  • Who defines “clean fuel”? Propane was declared a clean fuel under the 1990 CleanAir Act which addresses threats from acid rain, urban air pollution, andtoxic air emissions.
  • Where is propane made? Converting to propane reduces our dependence onforeign oils. Because of the abundance of natural gas in the U.S., propane is truly anAmerican product.
  • What makes propane a green product? Several factors make propane a green choice. It is non-toxic and insoluble in water. As a gas, it won’t spill, leak, or leave a residue in the ground or water sources. The fact that propane is an American product means we’re not relying on overseas transportation of fuel, which drives prices up and negatively impacts the environment.
  • What makes propane safe? Several factors are at play here. Federal and state regulations are strict on propane, which protects communities in Virginia. The ignition point for propane is 940 degrees Fahrenheit, which is almost double the ignition point of gasoline. Since propane is virtually odorless, producers add an odorant that emits a sulfur-like smell when there’s a leak, so you can identify and address the problem immediately.

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