How Propane Furnaces and Electric Heat Pumps Work.

Propane furnaces and electric heat pumps are both valid heating options for Virginia homeowners. Moderate winters mean you can rely on both to provide adequate heating of your home, but propane offers a much more comfortable heat compared to an electric heat pump. To understand the difference, you need to know how they both work:

  • Electric Heat Pump: Electric heat pumps move heat from one place to another. The outdoor unit of a heat pump pulls energy into the system, turning it into a cold gas. The heat pump applies pressure to change the gas from cold to hot. As the gas flows through the condenser coil in the indoor unit, a fan blows air over the coil, which generates heat. The simplest way to look at it: an electric heat pump works like an air conditioning unit in reverse. When outside air cools considerably, electric heat pumps rely on a second stage of electric heating to maintain the same indoor temperatures.
  • Propane Furnaces: A propane furnace as the second stage, instead of electric, functions like a gas furnace that turns on when the heat pump can’t keep up. A blower distributes the heat generated throughout your home’s ductwork.

Which Feels Warmer?

When electric heat pumps convert to the second state electric heating, they deliver air heated to the same temperature as the body (about 100 degrees Fahrenheit). This temperature does little to warm you but instead feels cool when it’s blowing through your ductwork. Propane heating consistently pushes warmer air through ducting, between 115 and 125 degrees Fahrenheit. By delivering these higher temperatures more consistently, propane heat feels warmer.

Propane Heat Delivers Higher Temps More Consistently.

Propane is a cost-effective option for heating your home. Once a heat pump converts to second state electric heating, electric bills spike. Propane is more efficient than electric, plus, Dixie’s payment plans mean you can create consistent propane payments for each month of the year, so you’re not paying more in the winter. Also, propane is a clean fuel with a small environmental footprint. Ready to switch to propane?

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