Dixie Gas and Oil Corporation Introduces Metered Service

Customer-focused plan allows propane to be purchased as it is used. Eliminates large-volume purchases, delivery fees and tank rentals.

Dixie Gas and Oil Corporation, a leading provider of propane and petroleum products in Western and Central Virginia, today announced that the Company now offers customers a metered service option for propane. With this service, propane usage is metered and customers pay monthly for the amount of gas used. This purchasing method aligns propane with other usage-based utilities, such as electricity, natural gas and municipal water.

“At Dixie, we value our customer relationships and always seek to innovate when customers benefit,” said Chris Earhart, president of Dixie Gas and Oil. “While our customers appreciate and enjoy the cleanliness, efficiency and warmth of propane, some have told us that buying a large volume at one time can create a hardship. This exciting new program answers that concern – we keep a good supply in the tank and customers pay for what they use, as they use it.”

The equipment required for this type of service is effectively the same as for any propane system which uses a tank and one or more regulators, but a meter is simply integrated into the system. Meters in the Dixie system will communicate remotely with wireless technology, so no one is required to be on the property to read the meter.

The gas in the tank belongs to Dixie and the customer pays monthly for the propane used, as they use it. This eliminates large-volume purchases when a tank is filled. Customers who preferred to order fuel as needed (a Will Call plan) to avoid these large purchases have no need to do that with metered service. In addition, there are no delivery fees or tank rental charges with metered service – customers only pay a small monthly fee and for the propane they use.

“We believe that metered service will be a great option for many of our customers, as well as for people new to propane,” Mr. Earhart concluded. “The service simplifies the process of purchasing propane and offers a convenient and reliable solution with minimal up-front costs.”

For more information about metered service, please contact Dixie Gas & Oil at 540-248-6273 or through the website at dixie-staging.stage2.estlandhosting.com.