Showrooms at the Verona, Lexington and Elkton Locations Completely Renovated

Dixie Gas and Oil Corporation announced today that it has completed major renovations to the Company’s Hearth and Heating equipment showrooms at all locations.  The new showrooms feature greatly expanded selection, new layouts and live-burn displays, and improved product information.  In addition, the Company has implemented new strategies for equipment customer service, including additional staff, in-depth training for Dixie employees and new competitive pricing.

“We’re pleased to present these new showrooms to customers,” said Chris Earhart, president of Dixie Gas and Oil.  “From the product selection, to display styles, to aggressive pricing, the entire process has been designed with the customer in mind. We embrace innovation when it better serves customers and these new showrooms are another example of this commitment.”

Products on display include large selections of gas log sets, fireplaces, fireplace inserts, cast iron stoves, heaters and grills. The new showrooms feature about twice as many models as before and most are connected for live-burn, allowing customers to fully experience appearance and function.  Dixie’s staff has received specific training to better assist customers in choosing the model to best suit their needs.

“By adding comfort to places in the home the family spends the most time, the warmth and allure of a fire can be enjoyed, without the hassle of carrying in wood, tending a fire and cleaning out ashes. All while saving money on heating costs,” said Wes Wampler, Dixie’s marketing director. “We have selected models to display based on customer feedback and packaged them with the most popular features.  In the new showrooms, customers can see equipment for any application in operation, greatly assisting their decision process.”

The showrooms at the Verona and Lexington locations are identical, with the same products.  The Elkton and Covington showrooms are slightly smaller, but feature much of the same equipment.  By purchasing this equipment in greater quantities, Dixie can pass along more savings to customers, resulting in highly- competitive pricing.

“Advancements in technology over the past few years have greatly improved the function and appearance of gas hearth products to produce lifelike flames with consistent, controlled heat – at about half the cost of electricity,” said Chris Earhart.  “If you’ve not considered propane heating products recently, we invite you to visit our new showrooms to experience the attractiveness and benefits of today’s products.”