Environmentally Conscious Rockingham County Residents Use Propane to Heat Their Homes.

Homeowners in Rockingham County, Virginia, enjoy beautiful scenery, diverse weather patterns, and a community focused on keeping Virginia clean and green. Propane is an ideal fuel source for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint, but still take advantage of the amenities modern life provides. Dixie Gas and Oil has been providing propane service in Virginia since 1946. Our team of professionals provide comprehensive estimates, installation, and maintenance for your tank and all of its components.

I Have Electric Heat, How Can Propane Minimize My Carbon Footprint?

The first element to understand when determining the differences between propane and electricity is that propane is a primary fuel source while electricity is a secondary fuel source. This means that electricity is generated by a primary fuel source, like gas or coal. Depending on how your electricity is generated, it may be causing a negative environmental impact. Plus, in Virginia, about 10% of the electricity generated is lost over the transmission lines, never even available to be used. With a propane tank outside your home or business, you’re taking a proactive position by ensuring your tank and appliances operate safely and as intended. Propane is non-toxic, non-caustic, and efficient, making it an ideal heating fuel for homes and businesses in Rockingham County.

I Can Smell Gas, But Not Electricity. What About Emissions?

Propane is a gas, but is considered clean fuel by the 1990 Clean Air Act and isn’t considered a greenhouse gas. Propane is a primary fuel source while electricity is a secondary source, which means it depends on other factors to generate energy. The power plants that generate electricity operate off of fossil fuels that could potentially emit toxins and pollutants on a larger scale into the atmosphere.

Dixie Gas And Oil Provides Propane Services To Rockingham County And Beyond.

At Dixie Gas and Oil, we’ve been providing propane services to our community since 1946. Our team of professionals provides innovative and technologically advanced solutions to your fuel needs. Contact us to learn more about the environmental benefits of propane.

Are You Ready To Convert To Propane In Rockingham County?