Dixie Gas And Oil Is Your Source For Propane In Harrisonburg, VA.

Dixie Gas and Oil has been providing propane service in Virginia since 1946. Our industry leading professionals provide onsite estimates, installation, and maintenance so you can depend on your heating, cooling, and cooking fuel when you need it most. Better yet, propane is a cost effective option that can alleviate the stress of your home’s high energy bills.

Heating Your Home With Propane Is Less Expensive Than Electric Heating Systems.

Compared with traditional electric heating systems for the home, propane is more cost effective and efficient. Studies from the US Department of Energy have shown electricity to cost twice as much as propane to heat your home. In Harrisonburg, Virginia, our four distinct seasons means we depend on our electric or propane heating sources to operate efficiently and as intended at least two seasons of the year. Save money during those months by switching to propane.

Cooking With Propane Is Quicker, Gives You Great Control, And Is Economical!

There’s a reason professional cooks prefer gas ranges over electric stoves in their restaurants and at home. Burners on gas cooking appliances are on or off instantly, reaching temperature without the heat-up time that electric burners need. This gives you more temperature options with which to operate and, therefore, more control of the temperature you need when searing, sauteing, and boiling. It also means that you use only what you need when you’re cooking, saving energy and money.

Pull the Plug On Your Electric Water Heater! Propane Water Heaters Save You Money .

Propane water heaters are an option every Harrisonburg, Virginia homeowner should consider. Whether you choose a conventional tank-type water heater, or a tankless on-demand system, propane water heaters are up to 45% more efficient than electric. The tankless on-demand systems heat water only as you use it and never run out! When you turn on your shower, washing machine or faucet, the water flows through the heater to warm the water to the desired temperature. Unlike a conventional, electric water heater that could potentially store 50 gallons of hot water, you’re only heating the water you need. Contact a member of our team to learn more!

Ready To Switch To Propane In Harrisonburg?