Dixie Introduces New Logo & Website


VERONA, VA – November 29, 2016 – After months of preparation, Dixie Gas and Oil Corporation has formally introduced a new corporate logo and website. There has been no ownership or management change at Dixie and providing the highest levels of service and reliability to customers remains central to the Company’s core values – same company, new look.

“The objective of redesigning the logo was to present a fresh, innovative and progressive look, while maintaining the traditional values of the Dixie brand,” said Chris Earhart, president of Dixie. “Dixie’s exceptional service, reliability, community support and technical expertise are why customers have made our Company successful for 70 years and this process was to reinforce those traditions, not to change them in any way.”

Work on the logo redesign began in the fall of 2015 with the formation of a team of Dixie employees. Several companies were interviewed and Estland Design of Harrisonburg, Virginia, was selected as the design firm for the project. A final design was chosen in February of this year and a plan to implement the new logo was developed. Since that time, graphics on about 40 vehicles and building and road signs at all locations have been replaced, new apparel had been produced, Dixie advertising has been updated and the new logo has been incorporated into more than 100 Company forms and documents.

Concurrent with the logo design process was a redesign of the Dixie Gas & Oil website. In addition to design consistency, the new website features numerous improvements to provide more information about Dixie products, to simplify navigation and to accommodate the growing use of online services.Customers may now more simply set up a new account, place orders, make online payments and communicate with Dixie. Estland Design also performed the design work and the new website went live November 29, 2016.

“Dixie has always embraced innovation when it improves customer service,” said Mr. Earhart. “The new Company website is designed for that purpose and it, together with the new logo, present an updated and more progressive look, consistent with Dixie’s commitment to customer service innovation.”

Dixie has also fully implemented a new delivery, accounting and customer information system. The system is engineered and supported by Cargas Energy of Lancaster, PA, a leading provider of information technology systems for fuel delivery and service companies like Dixie. The new system provides improved delivery dispatching, enhanced customer information, more accurate fuel usage forecasting and expanded online services. The delivery system was implemented on January 25, 2016 and the back-office system went live on July 1, 2016.